Monday, November 28, 2011

Terkejut Bila Baca Artikel Ni.......

Peringatan: Entry ini mengandungi paparan yang boleh mengganggu sensitiviti sesetengah individu. Kalau nak tengok gak, then apa jadi, sendiri tanggung k...huhuhu.

Apa anda rasa, jika suatu hari sedang anda melayari internet, tiba-tiba terjumpa artikel sebegini....

The Largest Enterprise Hospital in Malaysia Brought in MEBT/MEBO and Made a success
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2011-5-9 8:20:41

Prince Court Medical Centre ( is private healthcare facility located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, offering comprehensive medical care to the highest international standards. This hospital affiliated with Petronas is the biggest and best enterprise healthcare facility with more than 300 beds and various kinds of advanced medical devices. It has more than 20 departments and specialities, including cardiology, general surgery, internal medicine, obstetrics and gynaecology, plastic reconstructive and burn unit et al. And burn units is the best burn units in Malaysia with 8 burn wards (four of them are laminar purification wards), air fluidized therapy bed, volumetric diffusion ventilation (VDR) and point of use medical water filtration. 
Prof. Chen Yongchong (Clinical director of CBAIM, Chinese Burn Association of the integration of Traditional and Western Medicine) was invited by Dr. Cyril D. Toma (Chairman of Prince Court Medical Center) to give lecture about MEBT/MEBO (the world-leading burn technique invented and founded by Prof. Xu Rongxiang) in December, 2009 in order to enhance the construction of burn units and the introduction of MEBT/MEBO at proper time.    

In Nov 2010, the burn units of PCMC admitted a deep burn patient with severe inhalant injury (22% TBSA, deep II-degree to superficial III-degree). This 29-year-old patient is an engineer. He got the injury at work. And the affected areas mainly located on face, head and both upper extremities that extremely influenced the patient’s function and appearance. In order to better restore the patient’s function and appearance, the hospital determined to use MEBT/MEBO in the treatment of this patient. Meanwhile, Dr. Yap Lok Huei (Director of Burn units) immediately made the contraction with Prof. Chen Yongchong in order to treat the patient much more securely. Prof. Chen made the consultation via telephone and e-mails and directed the treatment. Then the medical care providers in burn units applied MEBT/MEBO in the entire course of treatment. After 33 days standard application of MEBT/MEBO, all wounds without skin-grafting were realized the in situ regenerative healing. The following is the figures at the early stage of treatment and 3 months after healing in follow-up. 


Patient, patient’s families and health care providers were greatly satisfactory with the amazing therapeutic effect acquired by MEBT/MEBO. The successful rescue of this severely burn patients steadily confirmed the hospital’s confidence to apply MEBT/MEBO in the treatment of severe burn patient that established certain foundation for the comprehensive application of MEBT/MEBO in Prince Court Medical Center. Currently, the patient’s previous III degree burn site is now receiving the anti-scaring prevention and control (the regulating therapy of appropriate ratio of tissue cells: epithelial cells, fibroblasts and etc) to strive for the realization of skin physiologically regenerative restoration. We expect that the patient will get the full recovery under the help of regenerative medicine. 
Dan bila dah habis membaca, anda dapati orang di dalam artikel itu adalah diri anda atau orang yang anda sayang......adess.....

Thanks Allah for your Mercy....


  1. hehe..actually kami pun tak penah tgk secara detail rupa arif masa this stage...sekali doktor dia dah publish daa....dan baru lah kami dapat tgk..ekekeke...kalau harap aku nak amik gambar husband time tu, memang tak arrr...


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