Monday, September 5, 2011

Ingatan Dari Dia....

It happened somewhere around July.....dah berlalu lebih kurang dekat 2 bulan dah...hehe....tapi akan sentiasa segar dan tidak akan pernah basi.....

 I remember the days
when we first fell in love
and how simple
our life was back then,
Yet with all of the things
that life has brought us,
if I had to choose
over again...

You'd still be the one
I would want
by my side
to share everyday of my life~

Deary Lovely Sweetheart
You're my soulmate~
my lover~
my best friend forever~
my precious~
and my beautiful wife...

Thanks honey....for the birthday thought....
Ohh....jatuh cinta sekali lagi....
Dalam hati ada taman.....
la la la la laaa.....


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